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1111: What it Means

1111: What it Means

Chances are, if you've seen the number 11 lately, it wasn't just once. This number tends to pop up repeatedly, over and over again in your awareness, grabbing your attention, sometimes to the point where it feels spooky. What does it mean? What is the Universe trying...

Spiritual Roadtrip Podcast Ep.1

Spiritual Roadtrip Podcast Ep.1

Lisa discusses the number 1111 & what it means. She shares a bit of her journey as a spiritual teacher & channels a guided meditation to help you navigate the huge shifts/challenges that a spiritual awakening brings. Original Music: Stephen Folnovic Music

Full Moon Visualization & Healing

Full Moon Visualization & Healing

Full Moons can leave us feeling gross, heavy, impatient and just "off". The gravity from the moon literally pulls at the water in our bodies and can knock us off-kilter easily. It's no wonder so many people say the "crazies" come out with the Full Moon. That awareness...

Learn How to Read Angel & Oracle Cards

Learn How to Read Angel & Oracle Cards

If you have read my books or consumed any of my content in the past 6.5 years, you know I love me some angel cards! The beautiful and uplifting imagery, messages, and intuitive guidance they offer has helped me quiet my logical mind and trust in my journey more and...

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