With the Amazon Rainforest burning right now, sensitive souls everywhere feel helpless.

Let’s come together with intentions, focus, and prayers. As we ask what actions we can take, we begin to build momentum and conversation around these huge issues that our world is facing.

Here is some angel guidance and some healing love for you if you are stressing about these fires, or any other disasters currently affecting our beautiful Earth.



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After taping this video, I looked up “Lungs” in Louise Hay’s wonderful book, “You Can Heal Your Life“. In this book, Louise links illnesses to dis-ease, or mental blocks that can limit your healing.

This book contains an index of illnesses and physical ailments or organs. In it, lungs is linked to grief and to not feeling worthy of living life fully. The Healing Affirmation Louise lists to help with healing is, “I take in life in perfect balance. I lovingly live life to the fullest.”

Use these affirmations to help you feel empowered about issues like the Amazon Rainforest Fires or if you are struggling with your own lung health limitations.

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Light and love,



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