Chances are, if you’ve seen the number 11 lately, it wasn’t just once. This number tends to pop up repeatedly, over and over again in your awareness, grabbing your attention, sometimes to the point where it feels spooky.

What does it mean? What is the Universe trying to tell me? How is it even possible the clock ALWAYS seems to say 11:11?!

If you are being swarmed by 11s, do not get too freaked out. The number 11 is one of transformation, of huge changes, of big energetic shifts in your life. It often represents a spiritual awakening and deeper understanding of yourself, your talents and your life purpose.

Perhaps you are seeing something in a new way, from a new perspective? Or maybe you’ve finally welcomed forgiveness into your heart, ready to move forward into the new and bright power of the present moment? Maybe you are connecting with your intuition on a deeper level and trusting more and more where you are being guided?

Whatever this transformation looks like, when 1111 pops up, you are asked to embrace the change. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your energy, elevate your life and create more fulfillment.

Yes, sometimes that brings chaos and challenges that need to be overcome – often, chaos is the quickest way to true and lasting transformation. When our world as we know it gets shaken up, we are forced to adapt and keep going. To try alternative courses of action and think outside the box for solutions and new ways of looking at things.

When I first starting seeing 11s (back in 2012), it peaked my curiosity and eventually led to a massive shift in how I share my outgoing personality with the world. My transformation included initial chaos – rejection and heartbreak on many levels – but the payoff has been well worth the pain.

As you’ll hear in my (very first!) podcast, I have been through a lot on this journey of awakening. There have been many ups and downs, but the awareness that my spirituality has brought and the tools I have utilized along the way have made things infinitely easier!

And that is why I teach.

I see you striving, struggling, searching outside of yourself for “more”, and I can relate.

When things don’t go the way you’d hoped, you keep pushing, trying, forcing energies that do not want to bend.

It’s exhausting.

Instead, embrace the chaos that 1111 can bring with it. The transformation and fulfillment you crave happen when you trust in the intuitive flow of the Universe.

I know that’s easier said than done sometimes, so I included a guided meditation at the end of this month’s podcast to help you feel safe, loved, and ready for the exciting changes ahead!

Light and love,



Spritual Roadtrip Podcast – Episode #1