If you have read my books or consumed any of my content in the past 6.5 years, you know I love me some angel cards! The beautiful and uplifting imagery, messages, and intuitive guidance they offer has helped me quiet my logical mind and trust in my journey more and more each day.


In this class, you will learn how to intuitively read cards for yourself and others. The class covers basic card imagery and messages, the difference between tarot and oracle cards, how to clear and connect with your decks, and more.

I will teach you many different card spreads you can use, and help you overcome any hesitations or doubts you have when using cards and your intuition. As a bonus, each participant is invited to be listed in myΒ Healer Directory.


For more details or to reserve your spot, check out this Eventbrite link or email your $30 non-refundable deposit to spiritualhealing1111@gmail.com.

Interested in taking this class, but live outside of Medicine Hat? Drop me a line!

Light and love,