Angel Card Reader Class

Angel Card Reader Class

Learn how to use angel, oracle, and spiritual tarot card decks to keep you on track and focused in on your own hopes, dreams, and desires.

Why I Love Angel & Oracle Cards!

Card decks have beautiful imagery and most have words, phrases, or affirmations printed on them. These visuals are meant to be triggers for you, to draw your eyes and elicit feelings within your heart.

When working with card decks, you are meant to tune into these feelings, ideas, and insights and use them to navigate the path ahead. Often, cards will inspire us to action, or help us look at current situations from different perspectives.

I’m always – ALWAYS – amazed at how accurate the cards are, reflecting exactly where I am emotionally and often reiterating exactly how I feel. Working with cards gives me a sense of what my next best step is and leaves me feeling calmer. Angel cards remind me that I am never alone, that guidance is always just a breath away, and that courage to explore this world lies within. Working with these cards, I began to trust my gut when it came to relationships, opportunities, priorities, my health, business, etc. I began to learn that I have the answer to any question I have in this world, if I take the time to listen.

What Can You Expect From this Class?

The guidance the cards awaken is always gentle, hopeful, and easy to implement. Working with cards makes you take some time for yourself, to sit down and breathe, asking for love and support. Those intentions alone help you feel stronger, more focused, and ready and open to all that this amazing Universe has in store.

In this class, you will learn how to intuitively read cards for yourself and others. The class covers basic card imagery and messages, the difference between tarot and oracle cards, how to clear and connect with your decks, and more.

I will teach you many different card spreads you can use, and help you overcome any hesitations or doubts you have when using cards and your intuition. As a bonus, each participant is invited to be listed in my Healer Directory.

Book your spot by e-transferring your $30 non-refundable deposit to, or by clicking the link below to purchase your ticket.

Upcoming Class dates:

Sept. 28th – Medicine Hat, AB

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Previous graduates welcome (heavily discounted rate) – please email me if you’d like to join the fun!


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