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Sometimes on this journey, we can hit a roadblock, blow a tire, or come across construction. Things do not always go as planned and can leave us feeling lost, frustrated, or alone. We forget to tune in, connect with our angels and guides, and trust out inner knowing – that intuition that has helped us through challenges before.

Especially in the midst of uncertainty, your angels are waiting to give you directions. All you have to do is ASK and LISTEN.

This is where I can help.

As a certified Angel Card Reader, Advanced Angel Tarot Reader, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Life Coach, I have used oracle cards in hundreds of readings and classes with clients. I’ve come to realize that oracle cards are not meant to predict the future or be used as an exclusive “yes or no” answer to questions, but instead are meant to be a tool used to heighten your intuition, to tune you in to the guidance, love, and support of your angels.

The card decks I use in my coaching have beautiful imagery and most have words, phrases, or affirmations printed on them. These visuals are meant to be triggers for you, to draw your eyes and elicit feelings within your heart.

Clients are continually “talked off the ledge” with the positive and loving messages I share through the angel and oracle cards that pop out for them. The guidance the cards awaken is always gentle, hopeful, and easy to implement. (Although I have done many readings where those messages are delivered repetitively and with more “oomph” because the client has been ignoring their intuition or not taking action).

Private coaching re-focuses you, re-connecting you with the angelic light and love that flows through you. Booking a one-on-one private reading makes you take some time for yourself, to sit down and breathe, asking for love and support. Those intentions alone help you feel stronger, more focused, and ready and open to all that this amazing Universe has in store. The messages shared and intuitive guidance given helps you take your next best steps on your incredible roadtrip, ready for more love, laughter and abundance!

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These uplifting sessions incorporate angel guidance, distance Reiki, affirmations, and energetic clearing to help you overcome challenges, gain answers, take inspired action, and feel confident and healed as you move forward in your life.

44 minute One-on-One Reading: $111

Soul-Full Self-Care Package Mini Reading: $55 (more details below)

Your reading will help you find balance and stay optimistic, focused on the Divine power that exists within you.

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